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Hi, I'm Laine
a UX and Visual Designer based in NYC.
My craft was born in DC, schooled in Philly, and practiced in NYC. Here's what I've learned about good design (and life) so far -
Good design takes practice
My career began in product design, which forged my creative process. To date, I've polished that approach with over 2,000 products.
Good design is good service
In 2014 I committed my spare time to making a social impact and co-founded this company. Thankfully, people took notice.
Good design is rooted in research
I refined my UX skill-set by working with this startup immersing myself in UX strategy. Here, I designed memorable human-centered experiences
If you like my work as much as I’ve enjoyed creating it, 
get in touch.
Perfect pairings
A digital interface for wine and food pairing
Avoiding debt
A web platform for student loan applications
Baby, you can drive my car
An Uber car-sharing app
Crafting mindfulness
A responsive website for a sustainable brand
Coming Soon
He said
She said
"Laine’s ability to pick something up and really become an expert on it in a very short amount of time is nothing short of amazing. Laine lead her team to flawlessly complete a design project for my financial services company..."
- Ilham Kabir, Founder of Arriyo
"...Laine showed true professionalism, thoughtful creativity, and a quality of work that was on par with what I would have expected from a top UX design firms. Not only that, she was a pleasure to work with. I always felt that my opinions were heard and incorporated into the design when appropriate."
Joseph Sheahan, CEO of Savvo Digital Sommelier Solutions
I'd love to collaborate, talk shop, or shoot the breeze.
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